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Since this module is primarily intended as a tool for sales representatives, particular attention is given to simplifying its use and minimizing the time spent on reporting. Consistently applying its principles of orientation towards important customers, Continuum Synapsis simplifies planning by suggesting clients that should be visited within a specific period. This assures maintaining a level of visit dynamics required for realization of plan on cyclic or annual basis. Expert associates can see marketing messages that have to be conveyed to a client during a visit as early as the planning phase, which enables timely and thorough preparation. Reports on performed visits contain all the necessary details including valuable customer feedback on each product.


Here we have yet another important activity that includes significant business effect, accompanied, however, by high costs. Simplify their organization and assure feasible and balanced participation of each customer. Following these activities, you can get a clearer picture of total investments.

Other activities

Successful managing of team leaders requires a detailed view of the time spent by each sales representative. In addition to regular activities, such as visits and congresses, there is a need for follow-up on the time spent on education, training, meetings, vacations, sick leaves, as well as all the other components of your business process.


Since sample management is a very delicate matter, it has to be closely controlled on the basis of each batch. Now you are able to keep track of samples received by sales representatives and their distribution to physicians or institutions. If you need to withdraw a certain lot or send a notification regarding it, a simple query will return a list of all the people that have been in contact with the sample and initiate required actions.

Marketing material

You invest a lot of money into marketing material that you give to your customers on various occasions. To optimize the effect of this investment, Continuum Synapsis enables planning and targeting of this activity as well as its control.