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Your customers

Getting familiar with customers and adopting a customized business approach to suit their needs is a specific requirement for any company's success. Build up a comprehensive database of your customers and gain quick and simple access to any required information anytime and anywhere. Create detailed profiles of your customers by accumulating data during a certain time period via your network of sales representatives. These profiles will enable you to develop the optimal business approach.

Sales segmentation (Targeting)

Your valuable resources should be utilized in the best possible way. Our common task is to assure orienting your sales efforts in the direction that can bring you the greatest return on investment. According to Paret's principle, 20% of customers bring 80% of sales. Determine the importance of each customer using the principle of sales potential and find out which customers qualify for the most important 20%. Distribute them into target groups (A-B-C) and do your best to keep them satisfied.

Marketing segmentation

Each one of your customers is a person, and every person is unique. To establish successful business relations, you need to familiarize yourself with your customers and their needs and find the optimal approach. Your marketing experts can determine typical groups of customers and create guidelines for each of them. Perfect relations are established when your sales representatives, using these guidelines, makes a step and addresses the uniqueness of each particular person.

Field organization

By defining target groups, you will meet a necessary condition for determining the number of sales representatives required for the realization of the planned business results. Assure even distribution of workload to your sales representatives and their optimal territorial distribution. Embedded principles of the electronic territory management system (ETMS) will further simplify this otherwise very challenging task.